Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cleaner Air

Cleaner Air

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't know the air ducts in a home were suppose to be cleaned.  Meaning that a professional crew comes to your house and pretty much super vacuums them clean, and if they are really dirty and/or have mold they need to scrub them clean.  I do however, know that it is important to clean or change the furnace filters every three months.  After finding this information out, I did some research and found that the FDA suggests every home have there floor vents cleaned every year and the clean air returns cleaned every five years, man was I behind...

Being a "Green" healthy home, meaning I don't use any products that are toxic or not 100% natural in my home.  I wanted to find an air duct cleaning service that was organic.  Which I did, I actually found two!  (If you want the names just let me know and I will post them)  This year was the first year in 11 years that the air ducts in my home have been cleaned.  I'm actually excited to turn the furnace on when it gets colder to see if that icky smell won't happen this year.  You know the smell I'm talking about right?  It smells like burnt, old dust and dirt.

I've noticed that there isn't as much dust floating around my home or sitting on my furniture, since I cleaned right after the ducts were super, duper cleaned.  Also, days after we had our air ducts cleaned the temperature outside got unseasonable warm and the house got super hot.  So, we turned the A/C on for a few hours to cool it off.  Which made me wonder if more dust was going to collect around my house, but it didn't in the first time since I've lived here. 

So, my suggestion to you and any one with a baby(ies), children, asthma, allergies, breathing issues, a super dusty house, or anyone for that matter to get their air ducts cleaned.  Because, in my opinion, it will be well worth the investment in regards to the maintenance of your home and health.  After all, we all want a comfortable, clean and safe home!

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