Monday, September 29, 2014

Miracle Serum

Miracle Serum

As we age (especially us women) we tend to greatly dislike or even hate the deep wrinkles...

And, the saggy turkey neck...
One option is to inject toxins into our faces, to make you look like a blow fish...
For me, that is not an option!  I want to be naturally beautiful and only use 100% natural products to achieve a youthful appearance.  That is why I choose Shaklees Enfuselle skin care line.  Specifically, the Firming Serum, which is a miracle in a bottle, that just so happens to be 100% natural, Yeah! 

My mother was so gracious to allow me to put the serum on half her face and take pictures to see the difference.  And, WOW, was there a difference in the fine lines, deep wrinkles and saggy neck.  These pictures will prove it!

The above picture is with out. 

This above picture is with only one application of the serum, which with every use improves the skin over time.  As you can see the skin above the eye is firmer and less saggy, the wrinkles around the eyes are less noticeable, and some have disappeared.
The left side has the serum and the right does not.  Again, the skin is firmer and the wrinkles are less noticeable and some have disappeared.

The above picture is with out the serum.
This above picture is with the serum.  You can see the skin that hung below the neck is firmer especially the part to the sides that puckers out, in the picture with the serum it firmed up about 2 inches!

Being the kind person I am, I just couldn't keep this a secret, so I'm sharing it would all of you.  If you are interested in trying this miracle stuff 100% money back guarantee from Shaklee.  Meaning if you don't like it you get your money back no questions asked.  You can buy the Firming Serum here:


  1. I was wondering, where can I find a list of ingredients for all of the Shaklee skin care?

  2. On the site if you click on a product it lists a bunch of info on that page, along w/ tabs of other info, and one of the tabs is a "label tab" which has the ingredient list.