Thursday, October 2, 2014

Organizing the Coat Closet

Organizing the Coat Closet

If I were to have any advice for organizing at this time of year it would be to organize your coat closet.  

It will help you everyday with the ability to make quick decisions when dressing for the cold weather that will be here for the next 6 or more months.
Although it feels like 12 months. My coat closet was in super sad shape, and this happens every year.  These pictures will prove the dismay.  The list below will help with your plan of attack.

  1. Go thru all items and if in good shape put in pile for next years garage sale or donation pile, if in bad shape toss.
  2. Match up all gloves and mittens, if any are unmatched toss.
  3. Everything that does not usually belong on a coat closet put in a pile.  After closet is organized go thru this pile and put items were they belong.  If they have no home and you don't need them anymore put in next years garage sale or donation pile.  If you may need them, put them in storage until needed.
  4. Get empty tupperware, wooden, cardboard or any other box good for holding mittens, gloves and stocking hats.  Divide each family members items into their own box and label it (optional).  Make sure if you have a lot of these boxes that they are easily stackable as needed.
  5. Put command hooks on the inside of the door and hang larger shape holding hats and scarves.  Or you can put scarves in the boxes if there is room.  Make sure the lower hooks hold the shorter family members items so they can reach them.
  6. Hang coats in order either from heaviest to lightest or vis versa, which ever your preference.
  7. Any extra shelf area, put the extra items that are kept in the closet neatly so that they are easily seen and used and can be put back with little effort.
  8. If any shoes or other items such as umbrella, or in my case vacuum, neatly organized so that again, they are easy to see and be used and can be put away with little effort.
  9. Now the tricky part is maintaining this...
Here are my after pictures

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