Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tart Cherry Protein Bits

Tart Cherry Protein Bits


½ cup dried tart cherries (you can sub. raisins or cranberries)

1 scoop (about 3 tbsp) protein powder (I used Shaklee 180 Chocolate Smoothie Mix)*

3 tbsp chopped walnuts (you can add more to up the protein, if desired)

1 tbsp chia & flaxseed mix (I use Garden of Life - organic golden Flax & Chia seed** but or you can add ½ tbsp of each chia & flax seed separately)

2 tsp cinnamon

2-3 tbsp almond milk (can sub. rice, coconut, soy or cow’s milk)

1 tbsp dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)

Directions: Soak cherries in enough water to fully cover them for one hour, this will help ekkp them moist for easier mixing.  Chop cherries in a food processor, or you can cut them by hand into 1/4’s.  Combine cherries, protein powder, flax and chia seed mix with almond milk, make sure it’s completely blended.  Add the remaining ingredients.  Scoop hand or spoonfuls of the mixture and roll into approx. 2” balls.
Makes approx. 6 bits/balls.

To store: Refrigerate for a week to a week and a half.

Nutrition Facts:***
Cals. 65   Fat 2g   Carbs. 10g   Protein 3g   Fiber 2g

**You can get the flax & chia seed mix at
***Approx. nutritional value depending on ingredients used, such as protein mix.

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