Thursday, October 2, 2014

The many uses of Basic H

The many uses of Basic H

Why make your home hypoallergenic?

86 million people have allergies...33 million have asthma/sinusitis...

39 million have chemical reactions...ALL kids are affected by toxins in our environment! Shaklee’s Basic H and all Shaklee's GET CLEAN products are SAFE for our families & the Planet! 

  • Always add water first, then the Shaklee product
  • These products are very concentrated - a little goes a long way
  • There’s always a “learning curve” when switching products, so be patient and if you have questions as you use these products - please call the Shaklee Distributor who shared them with you to get the answerS.
  • Use Shaklee spray & squeeze bottles...reusable cutting down on waste pollution. 

Basic H Organic Cleaner ~ Many reasons to use! 
  • Gentle - pH balanced (6.5) 
  •  Non-volatile/Non-irritating
  • No chemicals, detergents, solvents 
  •  Heavy-duty Degreaser
  • Economical-a little goes a long way 
  •  100% organic (biodegradable in 1 day)
  • Anti-static, anti-magnetic
  • Safe for all plumbing 
  •  Does not hinder bacterial action of septic fields
  • Non–Hazardous” & environmentally safe around children & pets
  • Safe for animals & marine life & vegetation
  • Basic H formula makes water many times wetter (changes the surface tension of the water and allows plants to absorb the H20 more easily and cleaning combinations to work more effectively). 

BH = Basic H2 in the following three recipes:

  1. Window spray 1 or 2 drops of BH /16 oz water 
  2. All-Purpose Cleaner 1/4 tsp. BH /16 oz water 
  3. Degreaser Spray 1⁄2 tsp BH / 16 oz water 
Basic H can be used for dusting, Rinse aid (use 1/2 Basic H & 1/2 water), Hand soap (add a few drops to hands, rub hands together then rinse clean), Coffee pot (1/2 tsp in water, run through normal coffee cycle, then run water through 3 times to rinse), odor eliminator (Skunk, onion, garlic or fish smells: rub full strength and rinse), gardening and house plants (1/2  tsp in 16oz water for watering), and much more...!

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