Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Naturally Healthy Bodies - Pro and Prebiotics

Naturally Healthy Bodies - Pro and Prebiotics

The cold season has shown it’s ugly face and hopefully so far you have made it without catching any bugs.  If you haven’t been so lucky, hopefully this will keep you from catching another one.  It’s super important to increase our immune systems this time of year and the best way to do that is by supplements.

Because, 70% of the cells in our immune system are found in our gut, according to John Hopkins Medical Center and numerous other doctors and medical sources.  The easiest way to improve our immune system is by a taking a pre and probiotic.  You need both to get the full benefits they each offer.

More importantly, you and your family, should be using a high quality one.  Otherwise, you are wasting your hard earned money on nothing.  I use Shaklee’s Opliflora Pre & Probiotics, because they are designed to be digested in your gut, which is where they need to be in order to work their magic.  You can find them here  I am not telling you that you need to only use Shaklee’s, however theirs is the only kind I fully trust.  Because they do over 263 quality tests and the have the only speciality coating to make sure that it gets to your gut, unlike all the other kinds I’ve tried.

If you choose to go to a local health food store, just be aware that not everything in there is what it says it is.  Most people think that because it’s from a health foods store its a higher quality, but that simply isn’t true.  The FDA does not monitor vitamins and supplements like they do food.  And, let’s face it even food is lacking in monitoring now a days.  On the other hand, Shaklee tests every ingredient in their products for over 350 contaminates to guarantee that they are the utmost quality.

So, in addition to our already healthy diet and vitamins, I suggest to start taking a pre and probiotic.  Bonus: they also help keep you regular!

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