Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Easiest 5 Day Mini-Cleanse / Detox

The Easiest 5 Day Mini-Cleanse / Detox

I have done Shaklee's 5 day mini cleanse  / detox a few times and every time I feel amazing on it!  The first time I did it I lost about 5 pounds.  The second time I did it i lost another 4 pounds, even though I didn't have any weight to really loose.  I did the detox because I feel it is important to cleanse our bodies of all the junk that it gets clogged up with, plus this detox gives me a ton of energy.  You are able to eat unlimited raw veggies, have 3 delicious smoothies that are as filling as a meal, plus 2 snacks.  Yes! You get to eat food on this cleanse!  I eat just as many calories on this detox as I usually do when I'm not detoxing.  About 1200-1300 calories per day, if you weight more than 175 lbs you would up that to 1400-1600 calories per day. 

If you are interested in doing the 5 day min-cleanse you can get all the items you will need from Shaklee below.

You will need to also get organic lemons for water & lots of veggies.

(A great tip while detoxing / cleansing if you don't think you will be able to pass the temptation of other foods in the house, put them either in a box and super tape it up, so it would take more than 5 minutes to get into it {in the garage, basement or attic} or in the freezer so you'd have to thaw it before you could eat it.  Hopefully, these tips will help, but if not then give it away or toss it.  But, anyone can do this easy detox for 5 days!)

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