Monday, October 6, 2014

Mindworks - Why I Shaklee

Shaklee grant program offers new support for brain health research!
We are pleased to announce the creation of the new Shaklee Grant Program for Brain Health Research.
Roger and the Shaklee Family were challenged by Maria Shriver at Shaklee Live in Long Beach to impact 1,000,000 minds with our newest innovation - MindWorks™. And we accepted the challenge! A portion of the proceeds from each bottle of MindWorks sold will fund this research grant as part of our commitment.
The following press release has been issued to media agencies across the country to announce the development of this new grant, and so that we can begin to receive research proposals. We hope that you share our excitement about Shaklee’s commitment to brain health and help to spread the word!
Help support the research and help yourself at the same time by using Mindworks, it will blow your mind how awesome it is! Click here to find out more:

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