Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentines Doily L-O-V-E Sign

Valentines Doily L-O-V-E Sign

This craft is super quick, super easy and super cheap!  The 3 things I love in a craft, pun intended.

You will need:

Doilies* (I used small and medium sizes,); Glitter glue*; Glue stick; String or yarn (I used some yarn that I had); Scissors; Stickers* (optional)

*I got all these items from the Dollar Tree, but I’ve also seen them at other craft stores for cheap.

Directions: Use the glue stick on the front of the larger doily where you will place the smaller doily on top, then place the smaller doily on the larger doily making sure it is center.  Use the glitter glue to draw one of each letter, spelling “love” or any other Valentines themed word.  Next, place stickers on the doilies in various places, if using stickers.  Then, cut the ribbon or yarn the length needed with a little extra, for wherever you are planning on hanging it.  Weave the string or yarn in the top holes of the doilies.  I use little Command stickers to attach the yarn to the top of my bookcase, tying a double knot and cutting off the extra. And, done!

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