Friday, December 5, 2014

Lacey Christmas Trees

Lacey Christmas Trees

You will need:

Paper or fabric doilies (If you use paper ones you will need to use 2-3 doilies per layer to make sure it is thick enough.)

Wall paper glue

Small painted brush

Foam trees  / cones (I picked up 2 small & 1 large, for 3 trees total.)

Rubber gloves

Plastic bags, like a garbage bag or big shopping bag or can use wax paper or foil

Wax paper


Optional: Spray paint, glitter, ribbon or other decor to put on the trees.

Directions:  Wrap the foam trees / cones in wax paper and tape it so that it is smooth.  Place the trees / cones on a sheet of wax paper.  Take the doilies and place with the back facing up on the plastic bag.  

Using the rubber gloves 

brush a layer of the wall paper glue on the doily, immediately but gently put the doily on the cone / tree carefully wrapping it around folding in the extra to make a tree with a point on top (be careful to not tear the doily, they are easily torn when wet!)  If needed, you can brush a little extra wall paper glue on the top to keep it together.  It is okay for the bottom to not be level and it’s okay if they aren’t perfect and a little bumpy, they are homemade & that makes them unique!  Once they are dry, which will depend on if they are paper not fabric.  The fabric takes longer to dry, about a day.  

The paper ones are a few hours.  Gently remove the doilies from the cone wax paper and cut the bottom to make it level.  

If you like this look then you’re done.  Otherwise, you can use spray paint, glitter (I’d use glitter glue so it sticks or you can get spray on glue and sprinkle the glitter on), ribbon or other additional decorations.  
Another cool idea, would be if they are wide enough, you could use those electric candles for jack-o-lanterns and put them in the bottom of the trees to light them up, but I wouldn’t use a real candle.

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