Monday, December 1, 2014

Organizing the Wrapping Materials

Organizing the Wrapping Materials

You probably shouldn’t take on a huge organizing project this time of year, but if you spend just a little bit of time organizing the wrapping paper and supplies it will make wrapping gifts so much more efficient and fun!

A great place to start is by either using old cardboard or rubbermaid type bins/boxes to put all the gift bags (and clothes boxes if they will fit and you have any) into.  I separated mine by category, you can even use an old piece of cardboard as a separator; for exp: Holiday/X-mas, b-day, babyshower, wedding shower and misc. which are the bags that can be used for pretty much anything.

Second, I would suggest to get a smaller box/bin; again you can use an old cardboard box or rubbermaid bin.  This one is for the tissue paper.  I like to try and flatten my paper as best I can and then fold it up so it will be less wrinkly.  Plus, folding it makes it easier to see the pattern on it.

Third, is ribbons, bows and tags.  Again, same concept as before with using an old cardboard box or  rubbermaid type bin.  You can either just set the ribbons in the box/bin, which is what I did since they will change as time goes by and I use them.  Or you can cut little slits in the box/bin and pull the ribbon thru so that way it is super easy to access; just be careful and tape the cut edges so you don’t cut your fingers on the sharp edges.  But, if you choose the second option, I’d suggest to use a clear plastic bin/box so that way you can see how much ribbon is left so you don’t waste your time and run out before you are finished wrapping the present.  You can also combine the tissue and ribbon boxes/bins if you have the room to put them in one.  If you have ribbons that do not have tubs to hold them anymore, you can use an old toilet paper or paper towel roll as a replacement and wrap them on it or just put them in a plastic baggy.  And, to keep the ribbons from getting tangled and unraveling, I’d tape the end of the ribbon to the tube.

Fourth, is the wrapping paper rolls.  My first suggestion, would be to use a ribbon tied around the rolls so that way they do not unroll.  I would not use tape or a rubber band, because they can tear the paper.  If you have the room and a lot of wrapping paper rolls, a great place to keep them together and from falling over and getting crunched is an old hamper or you can get a super cheap one, doesn’t need to be pretty, unless you want it to of course.  You can always spray paint it in a nice color when you have more time and the weather outside is warmer.

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