Thursday, January 15, 2015

Longer Thicker Lashes (and Hair!)

Longer Thicker Lashes (and Hair!)

I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older my lashes have also gotten thinner and shorter.  Which I’m not happy about.  I’ve taken vitamins to help get them to grow, and the vitamins have helped.  But, not to my satisfaction.  I heard about Shaklee’s ProSante Scalp Treatment that is working wonders on everyone’s hair.  And, then I heard about how women are putting it into their mascara and how it has improved the length and thickness of their lashes.  Which made me think, since I don’t wear mascara everyday and it would be hard to make sure you are getting an even amount from the mascara container.  So, I just cleaned off an old mascara wand and poured some of the Shaklee ProSante Scalp Treatment into a little bottle (from the dollar tree) and dip the wand into the treatment.  Then, tap it in the bottle to make sure I don’t get too much and waste it.  Then brush it on my lashes after I’ve wash, dried and put lotion on my face at night.  I have been doing this everyday for about 4 weeks, and have noticed a huge difference.  Just after the first week I saw a lot more new growth and now it has filled in.  Bonus: I use the ProSante Scalp Treatment on my scalp everyday too and have noticed a big difference with my hair being thicker and growing out quicker.  Here are some pictures of before and after of my lashes (I didn’t take any before pics of my hair, sorry).

The above picture is before any treatment, besides my usual vitamins. (No make up either)

The above picture is 3 weeks after using the ProSante Scalp Treatment.  You can see the lashes, especially the ones towards the left side (outside of my eye) have gotten longer and all the lashes have filled in thicker. (Again, no make up)  

This next picture is before the lash treatment.

And, this pic shows the length after 3 weeks of the lash treatment.  Look at the difference of how long the lashes fan out in the dark circles of my eyes (LOL)!  They are much longer than compared to the before pic, the lashes in that pic didn’t reach as far out to the ends of the dark circles.

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