Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Benefits to 5 Day Mini-Cleanses!

Detoxing if done properly can greatly aid the body in removing toxins from the body.  The catch is, not starving the body.  Because if you starve your body then it will hold on to most of the toxins along with the extra fat you are trying to rid your body of.  The detoxes where the detoxer just drink water, broth and/or juice are not beneficial.  Those are the negative kind that few people can do and who would want to anyways.  Not me!  A mini-cleanse on the other hand is a fantastic idea for most people.  The kind of mini-cleanse that I’m referring to is the type where you eat a normal amount of calories.  The detoxer / mini-cleanser eats every 3-4 hours to keep the body full so it releases the toxins while keeping the metabolism running at top speed.  This allows the detoxer to lose fat and toxins, instead of holding on to it them.

The other difference is the same as what happens with a diet.  The dieter may lose weight but it is muscle and fat while the toxins are still hanging out in the body.  And, as soon as the dieter starts eating normal amounts of food they gain the weight back and sometimes even more weight.  Thus creating the roller coaster of dieting.  Detoxing with the starvation type does the same thing to the body, yes there is a chance some of the toxins are removed from the body.  But, once the detoxer starts eating normal again their body will hold onto the toxins and fat, because it doesn’t know if it will get food again or if it will be starved.  To get the most benefits of a mini-cleanse / detox the detoxer needs to eat often, so the body doesn’t get confused and try to hold on to any unwanted fat and toxins.

Mini-cleanses are great to cut sugar cravings and reduce bloating.

The mini-cleanse / detox that I have found works best for me, because I CAN’T starve my body is the Shaklee 5 Day Mini-Cleanse.  It is even safe for diabetics and nursing moms, I don’t know of any other detox that can say that.  For the 5 Day Mini-Cleanse / detox the detoxer eats and drinks the following along with the supplements needed to rid the body of the toxins or the 5 days, then gradually adds other foods back into the diet for best results. This 5 day Mini-Cleanse is a great way to speed up the metabolism just before starting a new healthier eating plan.

I just finished a 5 Day Mini-Cleanse losing 3.8 lbs and reducing bloating, here are my before pictures.

And, here are my after pictures!

Breakfast: Shaklee 180 Smoothee or Vitalizing Protein Smoothie w/ or w/out ½ cup fruit, Detoxifying Energizing Tea, Alfalfa Complex and Liver DTX

AM Snack: Shaklee 180 Snack Bar or other approved snack.

Lunch: Shaklee 180 Smoothee or Vitalizing Protein Smoothie w/ or w/out ½ cup fruit, Raw veggies.

PM Snack: Shaklee 180 Snack Bar or other approved snack.

Dinner: Salad, Shaklee 180 Smoothee or Vitalizing Protein Smoothie w/ or w/out ½ cup fruit, Alfalfa Complex, Liver DTX and Herb-Lax. (The last smoothie of the day can be drank later as a type of dessert instead of with the dinner salad.)

Lemon water, cucumber water, plan water, unsweetened sparkling water or herbal teas like chamomile to drink.  Must drink ½ your body weight or a minimum of 62 oz. of water a day!

On the mini-cleanse you eat 1200-1300 calories  if under 175, 1500-1600 calories if over 175, add 500 calories if nursing and add an extra 300 calories if you’re not interested in shedding excess fat during the reset, just doing it as a cleanse.  For those that weigh more than 175 pounds or are nursing need an extra snack to get the added calories.

Certain fruits are best eaten on the detox and others are best to stay away from. Approved fruits are apples, strawberries, grapefruit, watermelon, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, avocados, pineapple and lemons.  The same goes for veggies, only raw veggies that are not high in carbs.  For salad dressings the creamy kind are not allowed, only vinaigrettes or fresh salsa are okay.  Black beans, chickpeas and other beans are okay to add in to the salad or snacks for extra protein and fiber, but no sugary baked beans.  The idea is to remove all sugars and processed foods to get rid of the cravings.  It is best to not over train the body while on a detox / mini-cleanse because the body is already working hard to get rid of the fat and toxins.

To get the items needed for the mini-cleanse start here:
Alfalfa Complex -

Liver DTX -

Herb-Lax -

Energizing Tea -

Snack Bars -

180 Smoothee Mix -


Vitalizing Protein Smoothie Mix -

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