Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cinnamon Spray Painted Pinecones

Cinnamon Spray Painted Pinecones

What you will need:

Pinecones (I got mine from a park, because I don’t have a pine tree in my yard & didn’t want to buy the ones in the store, trying to save anywhere I can. Plus the one’s in the store have chemicals on them to smell like cinnamon instead of real cinnamon.)

Spray paint (any color you want, I’m using silver that is low VOC so it’s even more green.)


Wax paper or foil

Optional: Glitter

Directions: Place pinecones on the foil or wax paper, standing up if possible and spray each with spray paint, make sure to spray a good amount on each one.  However, you don’t need to completely cover them either.  Keep in mind that once you sprinkle with cinnamon that will cover a lot of the pinecones, so they wont be as silver, there will be lots of brown from the cinnamon. Immediately sprinkle with LOTS of cinnamon, I can’t stress this enough you need lots of cinnamon.  I bought a super cheap kind from Aldi for this purpose and used ½ the container.  If you don’t use enough cinnamon then the cinnamon smell won’t be very strong, but they will still look pretty.  If you are using glitter, sprinkle with the glitter.  You can immediately spray a second coat of paint and sprinkle with more cinnamon if you want.  Then let them dry on the sheet of wax paper or foil about 2 hours.  When they have fully dried, you can put them in any decorative bowl or container, they look best in a clear glass container so you can see them easier.

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