Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lifting Your Immune System - Vitalized Immunity

Lifting Your Immune System

I know I've talked about ways of increasing your immune system through taking a Pre and Probiotic, and they will certainly do that.  They will also help keep everything in your digestive system moving along properly, riding your body of unwanted waste.  In other words, they help keep you regular, which is super important.

However, there are other ways of also improving your immune system.  Of course nothing beats eating whole organic produce, especially those high in vitamin C.  Unfortunately, most people don’t consume the recommended daily amount on a regular basis.  And, most produce travels a long way to get to the grocery stores, especially in the cold weather. Which in turn causes the fruits and vegetables to lose even more of their vitamin and nutritional values.  I know it’s so sad, poor little fruits and veggies.  It's best to buy organic local produce but that is not always an option, depending on budgets and the time of year. However, the good news is that there are simple and delicious ways to get around that.

One way is by taking Vitalized Immunity from Shaklee.  It’s like eating 16 oranges in one little tab that you drop in 6-8oz. of water and let it fizz and dissolve into the water.  Like those emergen-C things, only these aren’t filled with junk and a bunch of sugar.  The Vitalized Immunity tablets are naturally sweetened, which makes them taste like a yummy orange flavored drink.  You can get it here:


Another way would be to consume foods high in vitamin C as much as possible.  The foods highest in this vitamin are: Bell Peppers, Guavas, Dark Leafy Greens (like Kale), Kiwi, Broccoli, Strawberries, Oranges, Tomatoes (cooked, increases absorption), Peas (fresh are best), Papaya.  All these foods give you 100 g of Vitamin C per cup (The bell peppers you’d need 10 strips).

Of course, Vitamin C is a vitamin that you can not overdose with by consuming too much of it.  Because our bodies release it quickly through our urine.  So, even if you eat lots of foods rich in vitamin C on a daily basis, and take a Vit-C daily, you can always supplement with the Vitalized Immunity if you so choose.

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